Monday, April 6, 2009

People suck in hotels.

Living in a hotel for that last 3 months has taught me something; people forget how to act in public places.

Remember how when you were younger and you'd go on vacation somewhere and you'd act like a complete moron because you're in a foreign environment? You would be loud and obnoxious and just have a good time because it didn't really matter if you messed something up? A lot of people do not grow out of this stage. It's one thing if you're at a beach house or other secluded housing deal, but when you're in a hotel, act as if everyone can hear what you're doing....because they can.

I swear to you I loathe the coming of every weekend in this hotel because I know, being in Orlando, that means people will be coming down for weekend trips, conventions, sporting events, and other Florida shenanigans. That would typically be fine, but that means 40 - 50 people under the age of 20 will most likely be in the hotel running up and down the halls, yelling to one another from 10 feet away (right beside my door), and leaving their shit all over the place. It wouldn't be so bad if their parents would actually act like parents and say, "Hey dip shit stop acting like a freaking dog off his leash for the first time ever and act like you have some manners." If I'd acted like half of these kids when I was growing up my parents would have made me sit in their hotel room and watched the History Channel or something. Honestly.

It's almost as if these "parents" (I use quotations here because I honestly don't believe they've begun parenting their children yet) think they've earned the right to not have to pay attention to their kids while they're on vacation. I've had to poke my head out of my hotel room door several times and tell people to keep it down at like 11 pm. I don't care if it's a Friday or Saturday night. I don't want to listen to your conversation about the details of your entire weekend.

It's funny when you ask people to keep it down and the adults glare at you like you just told them that you're going to poop on their heads. I think they're just embarassed about their parenting skills, so much so, that when you call them out on it, they don't know what to do so they just become mad at you instead of their awfully mannered kids.

When there is an actual parent that shows up with their children and they actually have taught them how to act in public, I almost feel like they're being too strict with their children. I guess I'm just so used to watching these little ass holes run all over the place that it freaks me out a little when I see a parent grab their child's arm and say something like, "Hey, cut it out!" Thank God some people still have some sense.

Moral of the story? Don't have kids if you're a lazy idiot. Thanks.

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